Monday, 25 August 2014

My gripes with Firefox

I'm not surprised that Chrome is winning the browser competition.

Here's a list of small annoying things with Firefox vs Chrome:
  1. Upon hovering on a tab, I can't close it after I have more than 7-8 tabs open. I have to first click on a tab, and only then can close it. Chrome always shows the (x) on a browser tabs, even with dozens of tabs open.
  2. Copy and paste sometimes just doesn't work. This happens on occasion. I copy something in one tab, switch to another tab and can't paste anything. Also cannot paste anything 
  3. Omnibox anyone? I type a word into the Firefox address bar. I get an error message. I do the same thing in Chrome. I get search results. Of course, when I type TWO words or more into the Firefox address bar, I do get search results. Is it really so difficult to anticipate a one-word search keyword, Mozilla?
  4. Google maps doesn't work. It simply doesn't work. I enter an address, hit enter. Nothing happens. Do the same thing in Chrome. It works. 
  5. Copying and pasting an image into gmail results in gibberish: Take a screenshot with a snipping tool. Copy and paste the resulting image into gmail within firefox. Send the email. The result is text gibberish in the email and no image. Do the same thing in Chrome. The recipient gets the image as required.
I'm pretty sure this list will expand.  
Btw I'm using Firefox Version 31.0 and Chrome 36.0.1985.143 on Windows 8.1


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